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Polti Cimex Eradicator

Cimex Eradicator is the technological and ecological solution for the elimination of bed bugs. The laboratory and field tests show that the flow of overheated steam, generated by Cimex Eradicator, is able to eliminate 100% of the eggs and more than 90% of the mobile insects in a single treatment.

√ 100% effective

√ Chemical free

√ Overheated dry steam up to 356°F: worldwide Polti’s patent

√ No contact with surface

√ Removes bed bugs bad smell

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Mr Schmitt-The Cockroach Killer

A heavy plague: cockroaches endanger health and hygiene worldwide

Cockroaches belong to the oldest species of animals on earth: The ancestors of these insects existed already 350 million years ago. Numerous types with body lengths to 10 cm (4 in) spread from the tropics of South Asia to the rest of the world, even to remote islands.

The common cockroach as well as the Oriental and American cockroach belong to the best known species; they are found in homes and buildings all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of these pests creep and crawl in flats, barns and sewage systems and cause heavy damages.

Cockroaches prefer warm and humid places with sufficient food. The omnivores find food in sewers, rubbish bins, slaughterhouse waste and canteen kitchens and carry about plenty of


Lexikon Integrated Inspection System (LIIS)

Lexikon Integrated Inspection System (LIIS) are powerful and non-invasive tools featuring high-resolution thermography and long-range night vision. LIIS monitor and diagnose the condition of building structures, pest infestations, as well as moisture, seepage, mold and fungus growth.

LIIS technology allows you to identify problems early, documented and corrected before becoming more serious and costly to repair.

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Airemac Air Revitalizer

Help’s you breathe clean air and the soothing aroma helps you to concentrate and relaxes your mind.

Airemac Air Revitalizer, an air sanitizer and room freshener unit that is really a housekeeper's delight. Read on and you will know just why. We look forward to serving your home, office and institutional requirements

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Electrolyte Flying Insect Control Systems