BroadBand PRO

BroadBand PRO

BroadBand PRO - Programmable ultrasonic and sonic repeller

Unique combination of harassments creates a menacing environment that scares birds away for good.

Harmless. BroadBand PRO’s sounds chase away the birds without harming them.

Heavy-duty “surround sound”. Separate control box plus four powerful directional speakers (each with 100’ of wire) offer greatest all-around flexibility.

Easy Operation. 110vAC electricity, adaptor included.

BroadBand PRO Protects

Signs • Towers • Roofs • Awnings Antennae • Power Stations • Outdoor Stadiums Manufacturing Facilities • Waste Facilities

Targets pest birds with an unrelenting combination of species-specific distress cries, predators, general harassments, and newest-technology ultrasonic waves.

Distress Cries target Starlings, Gulls & Pigeons

3 Predator Cries add terror and realism

3 Harassments are an extra incentive to leave

Powerful Ultrasonics round out the sound attack

Since these areas are particularly attractive to birds, BroadBand PRO system includes three visual scares to frighten the birds in a multi-sensory assault:

1. Irritape iridescent holographic ribbon

2. Terror Eyes holographic-eye repeller

3. Prowler Owl realistic aerofoil-wing predator.

4. ULTRASONIC SOUNDS stand guard all day and night!

5. SOUND HARASSMENTS deliver an all-bird defense.

6. DISTRESS CRIES indicate danger!

7. PREDATOR SOUNDS provide an added menace!



Coverage: 10,000 square feet (2,500 sq. ft. from each speaker)

Dimensions: Control Unit 9” x 9” x 5”; speakers 4” x 4” x 6”

Shipping Weight: 16 pounds

Power Requirements: 110vAC (220vAC available)

Sound Pressure: Ultrasonic sounds 95 - 105 dB (each speaker) @ 1 meter

Sonic sounds 105-120 dB (each speaker) @ 1 meter

Frequency: Ultrasonic 16-23 kHz, Sonic 3-5 kHz

Compliance: Supply power source is UL and CE listed.

EPA Est. 075310-OR-001