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Key benefits of a central vacuum cleaner

Central vacuum cleaners are basically an “old hat“. Thus, already over 100 years ago mobile units were used in England. At that time, these devices were mounted on a truck that parked in front of the house to free the apartments from dust comfortably. Once a luxury for a wealthy minority.

Today, central vacuum cleaners are usually installed in the basement or a utility room. A piping system with air inlet valves connects the floors and rooms with a central vacuum cleaner. Just imagine the many advantages of this modern building technology: no smelly exhaust air to the living room, whisper quiet and foolproof vacuuming without the weight of a conventional vacuum cleaner in tow, or the rare filter change, thanks to high-volume design, as if you were using industrial vacuum cleaners. Now we could rave for pages at this point about the benefits of central vacuum cleaners ... but you can explore the excellent properties and the quality of our BVC central vacuum cleaner on this website for yourself. We wish you much fun and a lot of new insights into this unique and outstanding hygiene technology.


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