QuadBlaster QB-4

QuadBlaster QB-4

QuadBlaster QB4

360 Degree Coverage

Four speakers blast out overlapping fans of ultrasonic sound in all directions.

Mounts in any direction, on any surface - a beam, the rafters, the ceiling, a wall - wherever the birds are.

Affects Birds, Not People

Harsh but harmless sounds target birds, but are above human hearing range.

One-Time Investment

No moving parts, continuous & maintenance-free


Adjust frequency, warble rate and speaker sequencing so birds don't acclimate.


Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 4"

Weight: 8 pounds

Coverage: upto 6500 square feet (90 foot diameter circle)

Power Consumption: Less than 10 watts

Power Input: 115vAC/60 Hz or 220vAC/50Hz

1 Amp Fast Blow Fuse, 250 x 1.250", Agc !

Frequency: 112 dB at 1 meter at 22 kHz (each speaker)

Frequency Range: 20 - 30 kHz

Registration EPA 62617-OR-001