SONIC Birdchaser

SONIC Birdchaser


The SONIC BIRDCHASER uses a natural predatory principle to scare unwanted birds away from your farms, orchards, gardens, yards or any other properties. You may set BIRDCHASER to the PIR mode to protect a smaller area, arc angle of 130 degrees at a distance of 30 ft. Its PIR sensor will detect movement and trigger the equipped powerful loudspeaker to broadcast predatory calls of the hawk, falcon, eagle and owl species. Users may choose to use the AUTO mode for protecting maximum area up to 1 acre. Under the AUTO mode, a 5-30 minutes time interval may be set to allow SONIC BIRDCHASER to broadcast predatory calls automatically. During the night time when birds cease their activities, BIRDCHASER will stop working by its built-in photo sensor.

Birds Affected:

Sparrows, Blackbirds, Pigeons, Crows, Starlings, and other pest birds... etc.


Farms, Yards, Orchards, Gardens, and any other properties


Easy installation and maintenance free

PIR mode allows smaller area protection

AUTO mode with a 5-30 minutes time interval setting for larger area protection

Built-in photo sensor allows the unit be operated only in the daytime

Predatory calls of hawk, eagle, falcon, and owls may also scare rats and mice

Built-in volume adjustment knob for volume control

Customized digital IC recording of real predatory calls


Power Supply: AC ADAPTOR with output: 12VDC, 400mA

Sound Source: Digital recording of hawk, falcon, eagle and owl

Protection Coverage: AUTO mode (when VOLUME is set at maximum): up to 1 acre

PIR mode: arc angle of 130 degrees at a distance of 30 ft.