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Moving Eye holographic repeller

Inflatable predator frightens birds away

Model # TE
  • Huge 1 meter menacing ball
  • Moving eyes on front and back strike fear in birds
  • These lenticular eyes produce holographic effects, constantly changing as if they are "following" birds.

Terror Eyes is an extremely realistic and frightening predator - an award winner in Japan as the foremost method of repelling birds from crops.

Terror-Eyes can be used alone or in combination with electronic sound/ultrasound devices or chemical repellents.

SYNERGY (combining types of scares) is always the most effective approach to pest bird control.

Coverage: up to 200 m2
Pests: pigeons, sparrows, starlings, gulls, woodpeckers, swallows, crows, blackbirds, grackles, ducks, geese, and more
Uses: loading docks, parking lots, building roofs, garages, hangars, barns, substations, outdoor restaurants, marinas, porches, patios, orchards, vineyards, small farm fields, gardens, homes and more.

Diameter: 1 m
Material: Heavy-Duty vinyl
Eyes: Holographically printed



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