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Technically, our little boy is a giant. From our bestseller S 600 DE he has inherited his potential: 700 airwatt on the 1800 watt motor and the innovative digital control.

Frankly speaking: Who does not want convenience and luxury to make his life as pleasant as possible? But economic necessity too often restricts us more than we like – no matter whether it is about the desire for a car, a holiday trip or an object of everyday life.

Good to know that BVC now offers the full performance of the “DE mid-luxury class” - the S 600 DE - in a purse-friendly compact design as well. Only the outer measurements have shrunk and the comfortable wall mount for hanging does without structure-borne sound insulating rubber mounts. Almost all other specifications as motor power and the equipment with the dual filter system in premium fabric quality and the new intelligent digital control are absolutely identical (the suction capacity at the suction pipe is slightly lower due to the construction).

Efficient and compact: The Compact 600 DE is our GTI in the stable.


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