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Vast expertise in the field of pest control and hygiene products gives Cornerstone International the unique strength in finding out the challenges and its solutions. Our unmatched expertise in pest control and hygiene products gives an added advantage to our valuable customers.

Our prime focus is to help our customers to live in hygiene and pest free environment.

Since our prime focus is on hygiene and pest free environment, we offer wide range of products and services.

In the Products category, we offer:

BCentral Vacuum Cleaners, better health through better hygiene! Recognizing a constantly increasing number of house dust allergies and asthma, this principle has led BVC International to offer the market central vacuum cleaners as an aid in the fight against these diseases about 30 years ago. Since then BVC International have advanced a continuous development and improvement of their products in order to offer you, dear customer, the best possible solution without compromise. Your health and your well-being is BVC International business. BVC International guarantee it..
Robert Schmitt, CEO

Mr. Schmitt, the cockroach killer, contains no filter bag, but instead utilizes a patented mechanics to transport the cockroaches from the vacuum air flow directly to an incinerator. Inside its body, the cockroaches have to deal with temperatures up to 700° C, which neither the pests nor their eggs, inherent germs or bacteria can survive. The charred ashes remaining can be disposed of quickly and hygienically. Click here for Mr. Schmitt Distributor Enquiry Form

Airemac Air Revitalizer (Air sanitizer and room freshener) Help’s you breathe clean air and the soothing aroma helps you to concentrate and relaxes your mind.

Flying Insect Control Systems Highly recommended for diaries, bottling plants, pharmaceutical companies, bakeries, Hotel lobby, cafeteria, food processing, meat packaging industry, canning industry, fisheries, farm houses and wherever flying insect control is important.


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