Airemac Air Revitalizer (Air sanitizer and room freshener)
Help's you breathe clean air and the soothing aroma helps you to concentrate and relaxes your mind.
Airemac Air Revitalizer
(Air sanitizer and room freshener)


  • Can effectively cleanse the air in a 300 sq. ft area AC room
  • Eliminates enveloped viruses
  • Eliminates almost 100% of bacteria
  • Eliminates mal-odours
  • Removes fungi and mould
  • Removes dust and indoor air pollutants
  • Reduces the spread of infections
  • Provides pure aroma-therapeutic fragrance
  • Valuable for hotel housekeeping departments while cleaning rooms and toilets

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The Hydrofiltration Technology Process

  • Sucks in contaminated air from the room
  • Scrubs the air in the water
  • Sends it out as a fine mist which traps the bacteria, virus, bab odour, suspended particulate matter and toxic substances

The Advantage: Control Dial

  • Reduce Sound
  • Prolong Aroma
  • Dim Lights
  • Reduce Energy Usage

Directions of Use

  • Fill ordinary water up to the indicated mark
  • Add a few drops of the PurerAire concentrate botanical solution (containing the German patented Antibac 2K formula) to the machine
  • Switch on


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