Electronic Insect Killer

Electronic Insect Killer

Electronic Insect Killer

Working way:

It utilizes the special treated UV-A light to attract Flyings, which will be killed upon touching the inner grid with high voltage.


1. Attraction:

a. Specially treated UV-A light gives best attraction.

b. UV-A tube: 2 x 20W

2. Killing rate:

a. Magnetic Transformer: TUV approved and the average working life is 100,000hrs.

b. Voltage: 2000-2500V

3. Material:

a. ABS fire-proof plastic body part for high safety.

b. Specially treated aluminium body, no scratch with Oil-proff, easy to clean.

4. Easy Operation:

a. Whole unit of the collection tray makes wasy to clean.

b. Concealed chain holder, strong and convenient to operate.

5. Positioning:

a. Free standing or ceiling

b. It is only for indoor use

c. Coverage area 500 square feet

6. Safety:

a. Fully protected outer shell of GS standard for high safety.

7. Usage:

a. For food industries, hotel industries, kitchens, poultry farms, mineral water factories, hostel rooms and other big areas.