Insect X Fly Killer

Insect X Fly Killer

Insect X Flyer Killer

Insect X Flyer Killer, manufactured by Pestology Combines and Marketed by Cornerstone International is very effective in controlling the flying insects.

These effective machines attract flying insects and electrocute them to save you from all them with most effective Philips ultraviolet lamps.

All the models can be used to control flying insects from Kitchens, Halls and Industrial floors, Hospitals, eateries food preparation areas, Farms etc.

Product: Insect X Electric Fly Killer Machines –

Model: Excel 100

2 ft x Double UV tubes 18 watt Philips slim Tubes

Specially designed model for look and extra efficient functioning

Special Note:

1. Depending on the room size place at least one unit in each section of the premises.

2. Locate the unit near entry points 10 to 12 ft from the door to attract and as much as possible, do not place units more than 7 ft height.

3. Locate the unit away from bright light because it will reduce efficiency of the unit.

4. Do not attempt to repair the machine or clean the tray before switching off the unit. Very high voltage electricity is used to electrocute the insects. Earthing is essential for all the models. If voltage fluctuations is present use voltage stabilizer.