Mr Schmitt-The Cockroach Killer

Mr Schmitt-The Cockroach Killer

The clever solution: Mr. Schmitt the unique thermal cockroach killer

Mr. Schmitt - The solution for your cockroach problem.

Mr. Schmitt not only eliminates the pests safely from your environment, it also incinerates all contagious germs and most importantly, the cockroaches ‘offspring.

Mr. Schmitt is easily applied: preheat, vacuum, and dispose of the germ-free ashes – done.

Mr. Schmitt - The high-tech solution Made in Germany.

Mr. Schmitt in a commercial environment - In food production, in hygienically sensitive areas, in a representative environment, in hotel and catering industry.

Mr. Schmitt, designed for commercial use, can also be applied to domestic environment.

Mr. Schmitt makes life easy.

Mr. Schmitt: The solution to an age-old problem.

Mr Schmitt-The Cockroach Killer

A heavy plague: cockroaches endanger health and hygiene worldwide

Cockroaches belong to the oldest species of animals on earth: The ancestors of these insects existed already 350 million years ago. Numerous types with body lengths to 10 cm (4 in) spread from the tropics of South Asia to the rest of the world, even to remote islands.

The common cockroach as well as the Oriental and American cockroach belong to the best known species; they are found in homes and buildings all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of these pests creep and crawl in flats, barns and sewage systems and cause heavy damages.

Cockroaches prefer warm and humid places with sufficient food. The omnivores find food in sewers, rubbish bins, slaughterhouse waste and canteen kitchens and carry about plenty of germs and bacteria. Being disease carriers, they are a great danger to human health: Contact with them can lead to diarrhea, colitis, hepatitis A, anthrax, salmonellae or tuberculosis. Moreover their saliva and excrement contain substances that are able to elicit allergies and may even cause cancer. Cockroaches are feared in rural areas primarily because they spread foot-and-mouth disease in barns.

Strike dead, spray poison or crush - inefficient methods with regard to how cockroaches steadily gain ground. Also, in regards to poison this method is certainly harmless for man and domestic animals. People that suffer from the cockroach plague therefore have few options. There is also increasing evidence worldwide, that the animals are resistant even to massive use of poison. In general cockroaches have an enormous resistance: many of them were still found alive after atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll. Even if the pests are killed, the eggs survive in the body of the females and the next generation will rapidly take over.

Thanks to the new development of the German Mr. Schmitt GmbH people now can be effectively supported in their ongoing battle against the cockroach plague. Mr. Schmitt is equipped with a thermal processing and the insects are sucked into his body through a long telescopic tube, similar to an ordinary vacuum cleaner. However using a simple vacuum cleaner is futile, because the cockroaches will easily tear through the filter bag and go on with their business.

Mr. Schmitt, the cockroach killer, contains no filter bag, but instead utilizes a patented mechanics to transport the cockroaches from the vacuum air flow directly to an incinerator. Inside its body, the cockroaches have to deal with temperatures up to 700° C, which neither the pests nor their eggs, inherent germs or bacteria can survive. The charred ashes remaining can be disposed of quickly and hygienically.

The development of an insect killer producing 700° C in its inside raised many challenges. It is demanding high quality design for material and construction with special attention to various safety concerns such as tightness and insulation of the device.

After 3 years of development, the Mr. Schmitt GMBH in Germany succeeded in creating a pest control device that provides easy collection of cockroaches and fast vacuum air flow. Most importantly, Mr. Schmitt features constant heat in its incinerator, covered by patents and proved in numerous tests.

Program control and a sophisticated sensor technology were specifically developed for safe operation. A German made motor- suction unit provides necessary air flow while the incinerator mechanics are controlled by another gear motor.

Mr. Schmitt convinces with its high quality processing and its high-grade materials of steel and aluminum, all of it “Made in Germany”. But what about the everyday practice in the use of Mr. Schmitt? At first, Mr. Schmitt must be preheated in order to reach its high temperature of 585° C. This will of course take a few minutes. Having reached the operating temperature – which you can see on the top side-mounted digital display - you are ready to rock and roll: With the long telescopic tube (extendible up to 2.8 meters) you can pick up the cockroaches easily. No doubt they will not be pleased about it, but with your long tube you will be much faster as the nimble and shy pests.

Collecting the cockroaches is one point, but their complete incineration, including the offspring and contagious germs - that is most important.

Of course you will not remove all cockroach problems on the first day - this has to be mentioned in due honesty. An old Greek proverb by Choirilos of Samos sums it up: “Constant dripping wears away the stone”.

With perseverance and the regular use of Mr. Schmitt it is not long before success. Finally, the pests cannot develop resistance to Mr. Schmitt, as it is the case with the use of toxins – aside from the serious impact of the poison on humans. After continuous use of Mr. Schmitt, the remaining survivors are looking for a new hideaway - possibly a neighbor without Mr. Schmitt. This is simply nature‘s law of survival.