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A heavy plague: cockroaches endanger health and hygiene worldwide

Cockroaches belong to the oldest species of animals on earth: The ancestors of these insects existed already 350 million years ago. Numerous types with body lengths to 10 cm (4 in) spread from the tropics of South Asia to the rest of the world, even to remote islands.

The common cockroach as well as the Oriental and American cockroach belong to the best known species; they are found in homes and buildings all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of these pests creep and crawl in flats, barns and sewage systems and cause heavy damages.

Cockroaches prefer warm and humid places with sufficient food. The omnivores find food in sewers, rubbish bins, slaughterhouse waste and canteen kitchens and carry about plenty of more

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Airemac Air Revitalizer (Air sanitizer and room freshener)
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Airemac Air Revitalizer
Airemac Air Revitalizer, an air sanitizer and room freshener unit that is really a housekeeper's delight. Read on and you will know just why. We look forward to serving your home, office and institutional requirements..

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Light Trap Flying Insect Control Systems
Electrolyte Flying Insect Control Systems
Flying insect control systems - Highly recommended for diaries, bottling plants, pharmaceutical companies, bakeries, Hotel lobby, cafeteria, food processing, meat packaging industry, canning industry, fisheries, farm houses and wherever flying insect control is important.
Insect Killer
It utilizes the special treated UV-A light to attract Flying Insects which will be killed upon touching the inner grid with high voltage.


These effective machines can be used to control flying insects from Kitchens, Halls and Industrial floors, Hospitals, eateries food preparation areas, Farms etc.


Insect X Fly Killer
These effective machines attract flying insects and electrocute them to save you from all them with most effective Philips ultraviolet lamps.

Neo Fly Killer
If you think hygiene and cleanliness is essential to your premises then these effective machines is a must.

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